Soft99 Fusso Coat

Soft99 Fusso is a synthetic based paint protectant, Fusso is classed as a wax but has the properties of a sealant offering lasting protection for a fraction of the price.

Fusso is offered in both dark and light dependant on paint types, the darker Fusso compliments cars that are black, dark grey or dark blues where as the light is better for white, pale blues and yellows.

Fusso is easy to apply, simply use the applicator provided and spread a fine layer over the panel allow to haze then remove with a soft microfibre towel.

Soft99 are popular brand in the Uk and offer a large range of other products that cover most basis. The Waxpack are proud to be a UK stockist of Soft99 products

The Forensic Detailing Channel Offer a great unbiased review on Soft99


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