Soft99 Fusso Coat Dark


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Soft99 Fusso Coat Dark 12 Months Protection Wax

The long awaited new Soft99 Fusso Coat is now in stock, Available in light or dark colour Fusso boast extremely long durability whilst offering a high gloss finish to all vehicle paint types. Want to know more about Fusso then read below.

Whats inside Fusso Coat.

Fusso contains PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), which offers super hydrophobic ability and effectively protects the car surface from rain, dirt and other unwanted residue. These effects will last up to 12 months although real world testing we found this to last closer to eight months with the UK weather.

Another benefit of Fusso is that in can fill light swirls on all vehicle paints.

What comes with the wax.

Soft99 Fusso Coat comes with an applicator perfect for applying all soft99 waxes. Also added a soft rubber bottom to the metal tin so it can be placed on a vehicle and will stop scratching.


  1. Wash the vehicle thoroughly. Any dirt left on the vehicle could scratch the painted surface when you wax.
  2. The applicator should be primed with water then a small amount of wax applied to the sponge is all that is needed.
  3. Apply in circular or straight motion to the paint work making sure to overlap slightly each time.
  4. Once cured (finger swipe test) wipe away using a soft plush microfibre making sure to remove any wax residue on the paintwork.

Watch Fusso on youtube.

Interested to see how Soft99 Fusso performs, check it out here. 


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