Sam’s Detailing Tyre Dressing Applicator12


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Our tyre dressing applicator is great on sidewalls as well as trim and arches. It has extra deep handled grooves to stop the product going all over your fingers!

Only 2 left in stock

Every brand out there has a tyre dressing applicator but Sam’s, in their usual style, make theirs that bit more useful. It’s got really handy (get it?) deep grooves to stop the product ending up all over your hands / arms / fingers and wherever else but not just that it gives great reach for those bits of trim and arches as well as all around the wheel and sidewall.

Naturally works great with Sam’s Tyre Dressings

Sam’s Detailing is a company from Yorkshire with a vision, and although it might be the same vision a lot of companies have they actually follow through. Sam’s idea was to create a brand that genuinely, properly, has a full range of high quality products that aren’t just affordable, they are accessible.
Designed so that an enthusiast can get just the same great results from the Sam’s range as an experienced detailer, Sam’s provides clear instructions and truly awesome support to make sure your detailing experience not just meets but exceeds your expectations.

It’s a brand we’re really proud to stock at WaxPack and it’s exactly those values we like to promote around here too. If you like this from them then we really recommend that you check out their full range of Waxes, Shampoo, Spray Detailer, Wheel Cleaner, Mitt’s, Cloths and other accessories. It’s all made with the same values for high quality and amazing prices.

The rest of the selection can be found here: Sam’s Detailing at The Wax Pack

If there’s anything you see in the range that you aren’t sure if it’s for you or not please just ask. Call the number at the bottom of the page or hit us up on Socials for a quick and friendly reply.

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