Chemical Guys Sticky Gel Wheel Cleaner


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Why Buy This Product?

  • Works great for all wheels and rims
  • Removes brake dust, oxidation, oil, dirt and rust without brushing
  • Can be diluted for various cleaning needs
  • Dissolves grease without the risk of damaging the wheel
  • Spray-on, wipe off, no scrubbing necessary

Only 3 left in stock

More about Chemical Guys Sticky Gel Wheel Cleaner…

Sticky Gel Citrus Wheel and Rim Cleaner Gel is the most efficient and safest citrus-based wheel and rim cleaner that sticks to rims without dripping. Sticky Gel Citrus Wheel and Rim Cleaner Gel is ideal for cleaning all wheels and rims. The unique gel formula clings to wheels so the cleaner doesn’t just run down the wheel quickly. The increased time in contact with the wheel allows the Sticky Gel to continuously break down road grime, brake dust, oxidation, oil dirt and more.

The unique formula contains non hydrofluoric acid that makes painted wheels shine like new. The heavily concentrated formula can be diluted 5:1, which means one bottle will be enough for 1 liter of wheel cleaner or Sticky Gel can be diluted to fit desired needs. Use a heavier concentration for heavy deposits, the choice is yours. Once the formula works into the surface and begins the breakdown process, Sticky Gel can be simply rinsed away along with the loosened contaminants. For more stubborn stains re-spray the area and agitate with a soft cloth, brush or sponge. The pH neutral formula was specifically developed to work safely and effectively on virtually every wheel finish so you can use it with confidence, even on high end after market wheels. You can use it full strength for maximum cleaning power, but we recommend diluting it down to a 5:1 ratio of water to cleaner.

How It Works

The all new ready to use Sticky Citrus Wheel Cleaner Gel is the sticky clingy wheel cleaner. Sticky Citrus Gel is formulated with natural citrus extracts free of caustic cleaners, which makes it safe for all wheel and rim types. Sticky Citrus Gel is ideal for cleaning all wheels and rims effortlessly and safely. The thicker viscosity solution clings to wheels and vertical surfaces, suspending road grime, brake dust, oil, and dirt off the wheel safely and gently. The sprayable wheel cleaner grabs on to brake dust to gently clean the wheel and maintain the finish. Sticky Citrus Wheel Cleaning Gel is powerful enough to remove embedded brake dust, yet gentle enough for the most delicate wheels and rims. The advanced cleaning formula of Sticky Citrus Wheel Cleaner Gel uses the natural power of citrus to break down and remove stubborn brake dust, dirt, and grime for the best results.

Easy To Use

Chemical Guys Sticky Citrus Wheel Cleaner Gel is the all-natural solution that cleans and degreases nasty wheels fast. Customers and clients requested a product that would remove stubborn brake dust with minimal scrubbing countless times. Working off of nearly 10 years of experience with Sticky Citrus Gel, we have perfected the formula to deliver an acid-free wheel cleaner that achieves impeccable results on all wheel types. Sticky Citrus Wheel Cleaner Gel is approved for all OEM and aftermarket wheels and rims to easily remove stubborn brake dust in seconds. Works great on chrome, painted, polished, aluminum, powder coated, anodized, and custom wheel finishes. The citrus cleaning power breaks down heavy brake dust, dirt, grime, and filth to restore the brilliant shine back to your wheels and rims. The natural formula dissolves and emulsifies filth and contaminants before they get a chance to burn into your wheels. Using Sticky Citrus Wheel Cleaner Gel as a part of your wheel cleaning regimen will help keep your rims pristine. To use, simply spray on a dirty wheel, let sit, then rinse away along with any loosened contaminants. For exceptionally-dirty areas, re-spray and agitate with a brush before rinsing.


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