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Soft99 Brushes are a really high quality brush made from synthetic bristles that are resistant to chemicals while being soft enough to reach hard to get to areas such as around grilles or emblems. These brushes aren’t going to drop bristles leaving you picking them out of bits of trim and have comfortable to grip handles meaning you wont end up with cramped hands in the middle of your detailing session.

It’s hard to find a brand as infamous as Soft99 in the car detailing scene. Having taken the world by storm with seemingly quite impossible results seen on their Fusso range in the past couple of years you will undoubtedly have seen images of spectacularly deep, glossy shines achieved on all types of paint.

Not just a one hit wonder the products available from Soft99 are now a household name even outside of those who love the JDM scene. We’re really pleased to offer a great selection of Soft99 and if you loved Fusso then give some of these a go and be just as impressed with your own results as those images you saw on Insta.

We stock a comprehensive range of the best that Soft99 has to offer, which you can see more of here

If you need any help or recommendations when it comes to choosing which product you need, or perhaps which products might work well together then we always love to talk detailing so please get in touch via any of the methods at the bottom of the page or, of course, via our socials.


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