Sam’s Detailing Wheel Cleaner


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Our acid free wheel cleaner suited to all wheel finishes. A gel based formula to increase that cling time whilst you suddenly remember to get your pressure washer out!

In stock

Sam’s Detailing Wheel Cleaner is a ready to use formula suited to all wheel finishes. This delicate wheel cleaner breaks down road grime and dust with ease.  Sam’s Wheel Cleaner uses gel additives to increase cling time making sure the product is as effective as possible for the longest time. Our Sam’s Lambs wool Wheel Brushes are the perfect accessory to use in conjunction with our wheel cleaner. You can find those here

Want to find out more about Sams Detailing? They have have a huge ranges of videos on their youtube channel. You can find them all here.

How To Use…

  1. This works best in combination with our Wheel Soap and Flexi brushes.
  2. Liberally apply the wheel cleaner over the face and inner barrel of the alloy. Allow the cleaner to sit and breakdown that brake dust for a couple of minutes. In the meantime you can prep your wheel wash bucket.
  3. Now using your cleaning brushes, simply work the cleaner around lifting off that brake dust. Follow up with a thorough rinsing of the wheel.
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