Menzerna One Step Polish 3in1



The all-rounder in top form. Polishes out 3000 grit sanding marks, reliably removes streaks, swirls and clouding, and provides lasting protection for the high-gloss surface.

Shines with ease and speed, making it ideal for the polishing beginner and for the detailing of employee cars and used vehicles.


One Step is a premium, silicone free, one and done compound that’s designed to offer a medium cut, polish and seal on even the most abused of paintwork.

If you are looking for a fast result, streak and scratch removal without the need to make several complete passes with differing grades of polish then Menzerna One Step 3 in 1 is the one you reach for.
Not only does it offer a genuine professional level gloss with little effort but you’re getting the full backup of a Menzerna product. If you’re a weekend detailer who want’s something to keep on top of the daily driver, or someone that details high mileage or large amounts of fleet vehicles then Menzerna One Step 3 in 1 is a workhorse well worth putting in your stable.

Menzerna have been around since 1888 and put all their focus and experience into making the very best of polished surfaces. Their product ranges are proven as some of the very best and most technically advanced polishing compounds available on the market.

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